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Being a small business owner of several clothing boutiques for two decades, I was looking to do all of the above. I did a lot of research into how to accomplish those goals. Increasing sales and building a loyal client base were the most important in my search for a solution.

That was it -- loyalty! I was going to implement a loyalty program in my retail business -- that was my "aha" moment.

Do you want to build a high-performance app?

After looking for a solution with little success, I decided to build it myself. Since then, the mobile app space has grown in leaps and bounds, and there are several companies a small business owner could turn to to develop a mobile-based loyalty program -- BuildFire, Mobile Roadie and Siberian Pro and the company I founded Mass Mobile Apps are all among them.

When looking for a company to produce your mobile app, look for people you can work with and who understand what your needs as a business owner are. A mobile app can be a lot of different things.

65 Small Business Mobile Applications You Must Check Out

It can be a way to access information, to play games, to do your banking, to monitor your home, to communicate and now to interact with your local businesses. Business owners with the insight to adopt this marketing channel early display their ability to understand where their customers are and how to effectively engage with them. The move to mobile is not new, but the ability for small- and medium-size businesses to adopt a marketing channel like this is. The mobile app can include a variety of different types of loyalty programs.

Many people also search for businesses on Google. Given the time and expense required to build a mobile app, small businesses often must get creative with the resources they use for a project. Nearly half of small businesses with more than 50 employees have had a mobile app since before due to larger budgets and more staff. Almost half of small businesses use in-house staff to build and maintain their mobile app, but a significant number also use freelancers, design or development agencies, or DIY app builder software.

Small businesses should be cognizant of the best and most cost-effective options for building a mobile app. Small businesses can get the benefits of an app through third-party platforms or SEO. By understanding how other small businesses are approaching mobile apps, you can better plan your project.

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Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. User account menu Log in. The State of Tech.

Mobile Apps. App Development Cost Often High Many small businesses may not realize the true cost of app development. The minimum budget needed to build an app may shock small businesses. Small Businesses Most Often Use In-House Staff to Build an App Ideally, a small business would be able to create and maintain a mobile app using the expertise found within their company. App builders allow anyone to easily create apps with: No code required Pre-set templates Drag-and-drop functionalities Reduced costs For example, AppyPie offers software to create Android, iPhone, and Windows apps.

Create Mobile Apps For Your Business To Maximize Growth

Outside resources can offer high levels of expertise and strong guidance. The decision to use an outside consultant or app development company is only the first step. Next, ask the following questions: Do you want to outsource your work to a different country?

Do you want to remain local? Apps are an extension of your brand and what value you hold as a company.

23 must-have small business mobile apps |

Gradually, an app enters into the personal space of your users and is always present on their device and accessible with a single click, allowing the brand to carve its own niche and build value for itself. Mobile apps offer tailored content by allowing users to set preferences based on interests, location, behavior and more.

Those set preferences allow businesses to serve targeted advertisements to users. These can be sent at any time and users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. They can show the latest sports scores, download coupons or let a user know about an event, such as a flash sale. Another crucial advantage is the opportunity to use them offline.

As apps are installed on a mobile device, they can keep providing access to content and features even without an internet connection. When your company develops a loyal customer base that you know would appreciate the added platform. Businesses that intend to access device capabilities, like GPS, click-to-call, cameras or scanners, should consider using apps.

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Snapchat and Uber are good examples of organizations that use device capabilities. A dynamic content-based interactive forum requires a mobile app.

Sales Management

Renowned giants like Yelp and Zillow see most of their traffic through their web apps. Before making any decisions, know your business requirements and know your client niche. If your goals are primarily market-driven and just introductory market presence, a mobile-friendly responsive website is a logical choice.

On the other hand, mobile apps may lead to a competitive advantage if you are aiming at targeting loyal customers and equipping them with additional services.